MrStylus bietet Ortofon in Augsburg

MrStylus is now part of the Ortofon Elite Group

Ortofon is a Danish manufacturer of audio accessories. The product range includes cartridges, tonearms and accessories for record playback such as preamplifiers, transformers, mounting templates and cables. Ortofon is considered the market leader and the world’s largest manufacturer of magnetic cartridges for record players.

MrStylus has been distributing replacement styli for cartridges in Augsburg, including Ortofon, for more than 20 years. “We have been very hesitant to take the step of including cartridges in our product range” reports Christian Hofner, the current owner. The background to this was customer expectations. MrStylus is and has always been known for its expertise in replacement styli. The team always had a lot to say about grindings, compliance and usability on the various tonearms. The subject of pickups thus took a somewhat stepmotherly place in the assortment.
“We want to offer our customers a full range and have now decided to enter into an elite partnership with the anzunehmend most important trading partner in this area.”. The delivery is expected shortly and will find its place in the online store at Started with the systems Ortofon OM, Super OM, MC Quintet, MC Cadenca as well as the famous SPU pickups. Also a special model will be offered: for the 40th anniversary of the company ATR a SPU was reissued for this purpose and offered as Ortofon SPU ATR Celebration 40.

As an elite dealer for Ortofon, we now offer you the opportunity to listen to the different systems in our sound lab. For the listening sessions in May 2022 we have prepared the following cartridges:

Ortofon MC Quintet Blue vs. Ortofon MC Cadenza Blue
Ortofon SPU ATR Celebration 40 vs. Ortofon SPU Royal N

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