Hyperelliptic stylus

Hyperelliptic stylus

To complement the common elliptical cut, a hyperelliptical needle shape was developed – also known as “line contact” in technical jargon.
The contact zone of the hyperellipse to the plate groove is three to four times larger than in the conventional elliptical diamond cut.

This design distributes the pressure in the plate groove more evenly, thus reducing premature wear of the diamond and vinyl.
In addition, these diamonds are usually significantly reduced in mass and are carefully polished. This also enables better reproduction of higher to highest frequencies, as this cut follows even the finest deflections of the groove more precisely.

The prerequisite for the use of hyperelliptical needles is that

  • the pick-up is geometrically correctly mounted by an expert
  • the pressure on the platter and the anti-skating are precisely adjusted
  • The tonearm bearing is in perfect condition and has no play.

If these things are given, nothing stands in the way of the sound.

This hyperellipticals is currently available in the shop:

audio-technica ATN 13 HE | JAPAN

ATN 140 LC

N 700 XR | QD 700 X hyperelliptic

Shure NV 30 HE | Original

Shure VN 5 HE


SHURE VN 35 HE Japan

SHURE VN 45 HE | Japan

Shure N 95 HE

GOLDRING G 920 IGC hyperelliptical

Audio-Technica ATN 91 HE

Shure N 110 HE

Shure N 91 HE

SHURE N 110 HE genuine – original

Audio-Technica ATN 95 HE

N 97 HE

Audio Technica ATN 20 HYPEL | JAPAN

M 97 LT | original

National EPS 270 ED HE hyperelliptic

Ortofon D 30 MK II Fineline | Japan

GOLDRING G 920 IGC hypel