Among audiophile analog listeners, JICO is a byword for excellent replicas of turntable needles. But who is this company JICO and is it really as good as its reputation? We would like to tell you something about JICO.

JICO is a Japanese company with a long tradition. The company’s headquarters are located in the small town of Hamasaka, just a few minutes’ walk from the Japanese Sea, about 200 km from the next large town of Osaka and Kobe. The “Nakakawa Needle Factory” was founded in 1873 by Ichihara Soubei and originally produced sewing needles for the production of kimonos. Background of the company name was the fact that these needles would have to be “procured” from far distances, which was not to be managed well by the limited infrastructure at that time and the cold, snowy winters. The working materials and tools for the manufacturing process were also not available and had to be developed and manufactured in-house. But probably precisely because of this the knowledge of the material and the processing techniques was very large and grew constantly. Following this tradition of buying nothing in technology and producing everything but the raw materials himself, Jico continues to follow this tradition to this day.


  • 1949: Production and sale of steel record needles
  • 1964: the first productions of tonne needles equipped with precious stones are started.
  • 1993: Start of development and production of diamonds and dressers
  • 2004: overseas distribution begins
  • 2008: The Needle Repair Service starts via Internet
  • 2010: Approval for the SME Management Innovation Support Act applied for
  • 2015: first exhibition of record needles and accessories at the “HIGH END 2015” in Munich
  • 2018: Opening of the branch in Tokyo in Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • 2018: JICO is distributed by MrStylus –> see in shop <–

Today – roughly speaking – Jico offers 3 different quality ranges: “good replicas”, “replicas, better than other manufacturers” with special cuts and the glorious absolutely high-end “SAS series”.

“good replicas”
There are and were many manufacturers for reproduction needles, but only a few good ones. A Swiss manufacturer is still in the race and Jico. The Swiss are equal in this discipline Jico, if not even in some cases better and cheaper by the proximity to home. For this reason we only have needles from this quality range in our shop, if our Swiss offers nothing or the Jico needle is actually better.

“Reproductions, better than other manufacturers”
Now there is of course the music lover with increased demand. Van-den-Hul listeners, for example, or microline-cut fans or hyper-elliptical fanatics (may I be forgiven for the nicely meant names) who can’t find a worthy replacement needle. This needle is then produced in a similar quality (or sometimes even above it) as the original needle by Jico – keyword Shibata cut for example.

“SAS Series”
Almost unbelievable: what Jico makes here is absolute high-end. From the body, to the needle suspension, needle carrier, partly made of boron or sapphire and cuts in perfection. No effort seems high enough to build the perfect stylus with optimized vibration behavior. Yes, SAS really costs money to manufacture, but is worth every cent with the right hi-fi equipment.

ELAC D 793 SAS on Boron

JICO SAS Stylus 1 – SAS on Boron

National EPS 202 ES SAS on Boron | JICO

National EPS 205 ED SAS on Boron | JICO

National EPS 270 ES SAS on Boron | JICO

National EPS 30 ES SAS on Boron – Jico High-end reproduction

Philips GP-400 SAS on Boron | JICO

Philips GP400 II SAS on Boron | JICO

SHURE N 75 ED II SAS on Boron | JICO

Shure N 91 ED SAS on Boron

SHURE N 95 ED SAS on Boron | JICO

SHURE N-97xE SAS on Boron | JICO

Shure VN 15 E SAS on Boron | JICO


Shure VN 35 neo SAS/S | JICO

SHURE VN 45 HE/MR SAS on Boron

Shure VN 5 MR-SAS on Boron | JICO

Shure VN 5 XMR – SAS on Boron | Jico

Sony ND 35/45 SAS on Boron | JICO

And many more >>> to the JICO range <<<