Philips GP-400 SAS on Boron | JICO


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Philips GP-400 SAS on Boron | JICO

High-end replica with SAS diamond on boron needle carrier

  • Version: replica (JICO)
  • Designation: Philips GP 400 series SAS on Boron | 173-400
  • Material: Diamond
  • Cut: SAS
  • Contact force: 1.25g
  • Color of original needle: gray

Fits Philips 946 D60, Philips D500, Philips GP400, Philips GP501

Sound rating:
Philips GP 400 & Philips GP-501. cartridges that are usually not in the first mention when the analog hifi enthusiast is asked about his favorites. This may change when the sometimes very discrete sounding cartridges are equipped with a SAS. Gone are the soft-washed trebles – the curtain rises and the stage grows. Nothing is faded here anymore, the sound image has grown up.

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