“Nagaoka” is actually the number 1 in the production of the scanning diamonds at present.
Since its establishment, Nagaoka has been mainly engaged in precision jewelry machining for 30 years. They pride themselves on the fact that their micro-manufacturing technologies for hard-to-cut materials such as diamond, carbide and ceramics are world-class. Nagaoka looks to the world and is steadily moving forward into the future, which will grow as long as it can root the solid tradition.

We have always had products from NAGAOKA in our program and were very taken with the technical and sonic quality. And with the change in distribution structure from NAGAOKA DEUTSCHLAND to slightly more selective dealers, we are pleased to still be able to offer you the glorious pickups, needles and headshells. And more! For NAGAOKA’s 80th birthday, the Japanese manufacturer has made itself a present. It is a pickup with the designation JEWELTON JT-80. Visually can already be determined, clearly more modern than the previous – partly somewhat old-fashioned – pickups.
How the system proves itself in the sound test, we can not yet say conclusively. Although various testers have already made quite convincing statements about it, we have not yet been able to hear it. In the meantime, it has arrived and we will dare an eavesdropping attack in the next few days. In advance, a few technical data of the Nagaoka JT-80 BL and JT-80 BK:

JT-80LB (Lapis Blue)

JT-80BK (Black)




Output voltage

5,0 mV (5 cm/sec.)

3,0 mV (5 cm/sec.)

Frequency response

20 Hz – 20.000 Hz

20 Hz – 20.000 Hz

Channel separation

23 dB (at 1 Khz)

25 dB (at 1 Khz)

Channel equality

< 1,5 dB

< 1,0 dB

Needle carrier




set diamond, elliptical cut (0.4 × 0.7 mm)

naked diamond, elliptical cut (0.4 × 0.7 mm)

rec. Contact force

1,3 g – 1,8 g (p)

1,3 g – 1,8 g (p)


6,9 g (p)

6,7 g (p)

Replacement stylus

JTS-80LB (MSRP 149 €)

JTS-80BK (MSRP 395 €)

A detailed test will follow shortly

Here is another interesting video about NAGAOKA

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