Swiss BLACK DIAMOND elliptischer Schliff

Swiss black diamond, shape and explanations

The swiss black diamond is an remake of the early 1970 developped ellitical phonograph stylus developped by bruce diamond corp. The measures of the angles on the pictures are not identical to the swiss black diamond. Only after many years another company developped the ellititcal diamond tip with the two facettes. Wich basically is an conical diamond tip with two flats. This has been done in order to simplify the manufacturing process.

Projection of the radius, enlargment 1000 x

Big radius, approximately 18 microns (0.018 mm)                                                   Small radius, approximately 9 microns (0.009 mm)

The only way to measure our ellitical diamond is to do it on projection tool with at least 1000 time enlargement. Without this it is not possible to see the difference in the radius size. Further this difference can’t be seen by an optical control under a classic microscope. Under certain circustances of light on the diamond the elliptical shape can be seen. But this need some training. Also the black diamond material is not reflecting any light, which makes it more difficult to see the right shape.

Picture of the swiss black diamond on the cantilever

Picture of the swiss black diamond on the cantilever