JELCO is bankrupt!? Answers to questions and rumours

A visit to JELCO’s website did not at that time say anything about the closure of the company. At the same time, the notification indicates that the company has been unable to accept new orders since 2 April 2020 due to delays in production and transport by Covid-19.

However, after all the rumours, the first trustworthy news of Simon Brown, designer and manufacturer of the innovative “The Wand” tonearm and the new “The Wand” turntable, is now shocking. It was announced that the parent company of JELCO Tonearm, Ichikawa Jewel Co Ltd, had announced that it was closing down. It remains open whether this was a decision of financial reason or an actual bankruptcy. Takako Ichikawa, President & CEO of ICHIKAWA JEWEL CO.,LTD wrote in a circular mail that his staff had aged along with the production and repair tools and now through “the special times” – it just doesn’t work anymore.

So what does this mean for us analogue enthusiasts? Are spare parts no longer available either? Can I still buy existing stock of JELCO tonearms or do I have to worry about the supply of spare parts? Currently, JELCO refuses to repair and supply spare parts. However, it can be assumed that the existing spare parts will be sold as part of a bundle. But who will buy this and what the situation will be regarding the supply of spare parts is not known to me at the moment. But I have already put out my feelers and will report as soon as I have news.

Dear Sir.

It is with deepest regret to inform you this sad announcement.
The novel corona virus pandemic continue to have a significant impact on our production lines, and so I have decided to terminate our business effective immediately.
For the past few years, the business has endured a decline in labor productivity due to health issues arising from our aging skilled engineers. Furthermore, due to our obsolete mechanical equipment, performing maintenance on them has become difficult.
I sincerely ask for your understanding on the following points:
• No new orders will be accepted.
• Repair of products will not be accepted.

I would like to thank everyone for their warm support that was extended to us throughout the years. I would also like to express in writing my deepest gratitude for your kindness and wish you all the best for your continued development.

Sincerely yours,

Takako Ichikawa
President & CEO

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