VTA Justage – RASSbones

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VTA Justage – RAS bones

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VTA Justage – RASSbones

To correct the vertical toe angle of turntables
If the tonearm of your turntable and the headshell are absolutely parallel to the record, you are in luck. Because only if the needle dips exactly 90 degrees into the record, the scanning experience is optimal and the vinyl is spared. If the tonearm (often after a system change) is slightly tilted downwards, it can be put back into the horizontal position using the VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle) spacer.

Product info
RASSbones VTA consists of 5 “bones” for optimal adjustment of the parallelism of the tonneedle to the record. These spacers are inserted between the pickup and the headshell to perfect the needle’s contact angle with the record. The different heights are between 1.3 mm and 5 mm.

Test without obligation: if you do not like the RASSbones, send them back to us within 4 weeks and we will refund the purchase price.

* Reflective absorbing surface spacer: the surface has an unstructured roughness. This is intended to diffusely reflect vibrations between the pickup and the tonearm and at the same time to derive natural resonances from the pickup by selective connection. The screws are dampened in their natural oscillation, an effect the guitarist knows well if, for example, a finger accidentally reaches a vibrating string and the sound is thereby dulled. In the case of the RASSbones, however, this is intentional 🙂