Shure N 44 E / N 55 E | BLACK DIAMOND


Shure N44 E / N55 E | BLACK DIAMOND

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Shure N44 E / N55 E | BLACK DIAMOND

This stylus has a high quality sound. The replica of analogis was made for the original stylus Shure N 44 E /N55 E  in “nude version”. This means that the diamond sits directly in the needle tube without a setting and plays light and airy, especially in the higher notes. The geometry of the original needle has been changed, i.e. this needle is much flatter/closer to the groove and is not so much intended for heavily wavy records, but more for well-preserved audiophile records.

  • Stylus cut: elliptical, nude
  • Tracking force: approximately 1,65 – 2,25 g

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