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Various rare axles for (possibly) Braun, BSR, DUAL, Elac, Garrard, PE, Philips, RCA and Telefunken record changers from stock (NOS).

When ordering, please include the desired letter in the comments field during the ordering process and check availability beforehand:

A: PHILIPS 4822 535 60006 (22GF347, 22GA247, 22GC047, AG 1011, 22 GF 248, 22 GF 248), PE 45/66, Telefunken TW 566, available
B: PE Rex A, available
C: unidentified, available
D: ELAC?, unidentified, available
E: ELAC SA 73, fits (possibly among others) Miracord 50, 610, 650, available
F: Telefunken TW 506, available
G: PHILIPS AG 1003 D, AG 1007 D, AG 1125, AG 1145, available
H: ELAC?, unidentified, available
I: DUAL 1000, 1000 S and 1001 | Shellac changer 1000W 1000U 1000S 1000SW 1000SU, sold out
J: unidentified, available
K: BSR, available
L: unidentified, available
M: unidentified, but possibly DUAL AW 1 andnot complete

All information without guarantee, but with full right of return extended to 4 weeks.