A big party, the press was invited, an innovation: MrStylus is online again!


A big party, the press was invited, an innovation: MrStylus is online again!

MrStylus | Onlineshop für Plattenspielerzubehör was founded in spring 2002 by Herbert Walter (former W&S, Walter & Sohn from Haunstetten / Augsburg) and was a venture at that time: the world cried out for CD players and the wholesaler for hifi accessories entered the online business for turntable needles. His background knowledge was of course considerable, there was hardly a question he could not answer. And so he put his expert knowledge into the online shop and enchanted a number of people who were looking for spare parts for their beloved vinyl spinners at the time of the disappearing hifi dealers. The special feature of this shop was also the ability to run on CD, so retailers could also use this database to serve your customers.

Already in 2010 his son, Roland Walter, took over the business and operated the online shop from Kissing (municipality of Mering). Through purchases from various retailers, he was able to expand the range and other rarities such as RFT and Dual spare parts and enlarge the database. Now a design update was on the agenda, which – like the original shop – was again carried out by the New Media Service Hofner from Augsburg. Acquiring his father’s specialist knowledge was certainly a challenge, but numerous enthusiastic customers attested him a good successor. A professional, passionate change was imminent: Roland Walter rediscovered himself in the art of metal forging and retrained, made his master in metal construction and from then on wanted to do only one thing: forging. In short, he took over the Mühlgassnschmiede and since then has been producing himself ->https://mg-schmiede.de <- wonderful forging work.

In the 4th quarter of 2018, the online shop then made a turn back to its beginnings: Christian Hofner (Neue Medien Service Hofner) took over the shop in a festive ceremony with white sausage and tea. Hofner himself, dear Hifi, worked for 10 years in a workshop for radio and television technology and was also in the trade for and with record players and accessories. It was also a turn back to his passions for him, after he had been busy with programming on an independent basis for almost 20 years. To follow his passion is probably the healthy way to work, so his thought and now as a new shop owner very happy.

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