Stanton D 5100 E | BLACK DIAMOND

41,90  40,84 

Stanton D 5100 E | BLACK DIAMOND

Delivery time: Probably available in the fourth quarter of 2020

Available on backorder


Stanton D 5100 E | BLACK DIAMOND

This stylus is a high-quality sounding replica of analogis for the original needle Stanton D 5100 E  in “nude version”. This means that the pickup tip (the diamond) sits directly in the needle tube without a socket and therefore plays lightly and with a lot of movement, which is particularly noticeable in the resolution of the high tones.

  • Stylus cut *: elliptical, nude
  • Tracking force *: approximately 1,25 – 1,75 g
  • Compliance *: approximately 20 nM

This stylus is scheduled for delivery in the second quarter of 2020. Already now you have the opportunity to make a non-binding reservation. This allows us to estimate our needs better and pass this advantage on to you:

  • 10 % off the launch price up to 90 days after that preferred
  • faster delivery: you will be the second to know when the needle is available. If there are delivery bottlenecks, your order will be treated preferentially.
  • You are among the second humans on this wonderful planet to hear an Stanton D 5100 E in the BLACK DIAMOND version

Please reserve (not binding):

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* The technical data are estimates. Once we have measured data, we will correct that information

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