N 700 XR | QD 700 X hyperelliptic | JAPAN


N 700 XR | QD 700 X hyperelliptic | JAPAN

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Stylus for EXCEL N 700 XR/QD 700 X | replica diamond hyperelliptical

  • Execution: replica, Japan
  • Stylus-name: N 700 XR
  • Material: diamond, typed
  • Cut: hyper-elliptical
  • Recommended tracking force: 1.8g
  • Color of the original needle: yellow
  • Pickups: QD 700 XR

* This needle is often sold as “Shibata”. But it is not really, even if the cut is very similar to that of the Shibata. Still, it sounds like a shibata, but we think it’s too fair to point it out to you.

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