Konzertschrank (Musikschrank) 9070 | 33/45 mono diamond


PE 7000 Diam. 33/45

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Replacement stylus, suitable for GRUNDIG Konzertschrank (Musikschrank) 9070 33/45 mono diamond | LAZARUS*

  • 33/45 rpm
  • 17 µm rounding for mono LP
  • natural diamond
  • colour: red

These needles are unfortunately still offered today as “new” on E-Bay but also in online stores, but were manufactured several decades ago and are usually all defective! The rubber had decomposed and now formed a hard varnish layer. As a result, the diaomnd can not move, the sound is shuddering and at worst, this destroys their valuable records.
Therefore we disassembled this needle, cleaned it, renewed the rubber and tested it. So nothing stands in the way of your analog fun for the next decades.