Feltmat black


Feltmat black

Delivery time: approx. 2-4 working days within EU, approx. 10 worldwide


Decorative underlay mat for records

analogis Mat Seven – felt mat black, material thickness 0.9 mm, total diameter 295 mm, weight 13 g

High-quality record reproduction is not witchcraft. A multitude of tuning measures will help you to reach this goal at some point. Decades ago was only about reproducing a record with as little wear and tear and as little interference as possible. The turntables were getting better and better, and fluctuations in speed were a thing of the past at some point. The turntable as a rough “source of interference” receded into the background.

For some time now the really important sound aspects have moved into the foreground. By the targeted selection of vibration-damping and absorbing materials of the turntable support / mat, a cleanliness of the record reproduction can be achieved, which would have been unthinkable earlier.
Turntable supports allow you to experiment in a wide range of ways. This allows you to determine the best support for your turntable or Drive fits. Even a combination of several supports (sandwich) is possible.

This felt mat is also often used for VTA adjustment, e.g. when heavier records are to be recorded on or the height of the pickups requires it.
Experimentation allowed 😉