Dual DN 149/150/152/155/160 | BLACK DIAMOND


Dual Stylus DN 149/150/152/155/160 | BLACK DIAMOND

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Dual DN 149/150/152/155/160 | analogis BLACK DIAMOND

High quality replica of analogis for all stylis from Dual DN 149/150/152/155/160 in “nude version”. This means that the pickup tip (the diamond) sits directly in the needle tube without a socket and therefore plays lightly and with a lot of movement, which is particularly noticeable in the resolution of the high tones.

  • Needle cut: elliptical, naked
  • Tracking force: 1.25 – 1.85 grams (p)

Note: this stylus is outstanding in terms of price/sound ratio. However, only buy this needle if your turntable is in really perfect condition in terms of geometry, adjustment, pick-up holder and tonearm bearing. This needle forgives nothing! If you are not sure, please use one of the alternatives below.

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