analogis »wash ’n’ play 2« Record washing machine



Delivery time: approx. 2-4 working days within EU | approx. 14 - 28 worldwide | import restricted areas 8 weeks


analogis “wash’ n ’play 2” record washing machine with extensive accessories (see photo).

Practical care set for basic cleaning.
Makes LPs permanently antistatic, with Disco-Antistat-Mixture, a special liquid that removes dust, dirt, and dried liquids automatically, residue-free and groove-deep.

The care set consists of:

  • for permanent deep cleaning, even with extreme soiling
  • reduces static charges
  • Washing device with goat hair brushes, label sealing trays with hanging axle
  • drying rack with silicone protectors
  • Filling funnel with sieve and dirt filter
  • Record clamp with rubber seal
  • 1 liter cleaning liquid (can be used several times), funnel with filter system, drip stand
  • well suited to turn “wet” records into “dry” records