Test: analogis  GOA – TS

Test: analogis GOA – TS

1st test round for the pickup of the community project “der Volks-Tonabnehmer” (the people’s pickup)

The analogis GOA TS can be tested extensively for 8 weeks without any obligation to buy.

And it works like this:

  • You place a regular order -> GOA <-. Enter ” Volks-Tonabnehmer ” as the voucher code.
  • Regular customers, Facebook followers and those involved in the community project are also welcome to select “bank transfer” and have the GOA sent to them immediately without having to pay anything in advance.
  • If, contrary to expectations, you do not like the cartridge, please send it on to the next tester at your own expense. You will receive the address on request.
  • Please send your feedback either by email to: ch@mrstylus.com or directly on Facebook as a comment below the post.

Technical specifications:

  • 1/2″ MM pickup
  • frequency response 20-20.000 Hz
  • spherical cut
  • Support weight: 1.8g – 2.6g (typical 2.2g)
  • Impedance: 47KΩ
  • Output voltage: 5mV
  • system weight: 6g

Further information:

Analogis GOA

Test results so far:
(excerpt, partly shortened, translated from the German)

Boris K., Technics 1210 MK IV
There is no other comparable pickup at this price. Even after listening for a long time, it never starts to get on my nerves, which is quite common with other pick-ups in this price range. Top score!

Christian H., Thorens TD 126
The GOA is a good sounding system that will find its use in many areas: Changer operation, replacement for old RFT stories, possibly Pathe records. Cool. Zero siblings, tracks excellently after 5 hours at 2.2 g (supposedly recorded at 1.9 g) and forgives scratches and pressing faults, rattles over properly. Maybe a good solution for jukeboxes, too, as it has a lot of output. Or for records over which you don’t want to wear out an expensive SAS?

Mike T., DUAL CS 731Q
First impression… Shure bass, powerful, stands in the middle of the room 🙂 Thumbs up. Optically perfect on the silver TK.
But the longer it runs, the more noticeable the improvement in sound.
Update after the break-in period: The price cracker!!!! With BD (note: Mike is talking about an analogis BLACK DIAMOND replacement stylus) it will be on par with the AT 95 ML!!!!

Thorsten T., Transrotor ZET3
I am positively surprised, after all I always run the Uccello Reference there for 500 Eurolings…. except for the treble, there is not too much difference… it even builds up a stage…even if not as extensive…. When the treble gets better…. It’s a super good system for the small purse…. without question☝️ In any case, for the money it’s a hoot 😎

Chris C., Thorens TD 2001 / tonearm Grace g840 (excerpt from https://czuma-audio.de/analogis-goa-tonabnehmer-test/)
It does what it’s supposed to do – play cleanly. Scratches are almost completely ignored. I could perceive a slight “bathtub” characteristic. The resolution, especially with fast hi-hats, is more than adequate. A little exaggerated in the bass. At no time somehow annoying. Also the channel separation gives no reason to complain. Clean and stable stereo centre. The depth gradation could clearly be better, but hey, we’re talking about 29.95 euros here 😉
Conclusion: For people who have a certain budget for their turntable, who want to upgrade a second arm or entire turntable as a “pre-listener” for used records, a very clear buy recommendation. As already written, we are talking about 29.95 Euros for a complete system with impeccable features. Many inferior reproduction needles for ancient systems cost just as much, if not more. So – try it out!
I am sure that the analogis GOA will become the “best buy” when it comes to inexpensive record playback.

Florian W.
….By chance I came across the “Volkstonabnehmer”. Quite banal via Facebook the ad appeared on my timeline. Since my current system plays well, but not 100% convinced I was anyway looking for something new. After a bit of research and
impressions from users, I decided to buy one.
Two days later everything was there and I could build everything on my system. I must say that I am not a Profi, quite new in the field of vinyl, but very interested in the matter.
And for this reason I have the only criticism of the GOA TS. If a newcomer decides to use this cartridge, has no cartridge installed or ignorance is at play, is missing in the a connection diagram for this cartridge. At least I could not find this in the info of my pickup. Otherwise, I finde already the packaging more than successful. Everything was neatly and securely packed and all other parameters such as Auflagegewicht etc. findet in the packaging.
As already mentioned, I connected everything to my old Thorens and put on a template for accurate setting. Now the first LP could be put on. The recommended 2.2g Auflagegewicht were set. To my surprise, it sounded very balanced from my speakers and I lingered for a while to get an impression of the sound. Meanwhile, 4 days have already passed in which I could listen well and am very satisfied with the purchase.
Since my musical taste ranges from jazz to metal, I heard today a selection of 5 LP’s of various directions to get an overall impression. Since I have in my collection new as well as old records, some older ones are also no longer 100% scratch-free or even have serious scratches, I selected various conditions to test them.
What can be said about this cartridge is that it readily forgives scratches. Of course, he can not spend miracles, but if you keep your records clean and protect, then you have with the Analoges GOA a pickup that does not have to hide behind an Ortofon Blue, Audio Technica, Goldring or the like. From the sound it has a good bass range, one will call it slightly exaggerated, although I finde that especially with older LP’s the whole thing comes across well. Otherwise, very nice
Treble available so that you still have a fresh ear even after prolonged listening. The mids embed themselves wonderfully into the whole whereby I empfinde the sound as balanced.
The bottom line is that for 30 € you get an outstanding pickup that is equal to its competitors in the listening sector and is therefore a clear buy recommendation on my part. The second GOA is already ordered….

½” MM | analogis GOA – TS