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Some of you may already have noticed that we have started a community project in cooperation with Analogis with the aim of creating the ultimate all-round pickup and to let the ideas and wishes of the analogue-enthusiastic internet community flow together. In various forums the demand was determined, support was asked for, 3-D developers and Photoshop designers were hired and finally the design was voted on. The response was astonishingly great, there were many helping hands and heads, numerous comments with valuable hints, ideas and suggestions were taken into account and thus contributed their positive influences to the development. At this point a heartfelt THANK YOU!

The original system was based on the Audio-Technica AT 91, but it was to go one step further…

GOA [ गोंय ]

Named after the tropical hippie paradise on the mid-west coast of India.

Here are a few facts:

  • 1/2″ MM cartridge
  • Diamond: tipped spherical
  • Impedance: 47K ohm
  • Output: 5mV
  • Needle pressure: 2.2g
  • Weight: 6g
  • The body has integrated threads
  • screws and inbus-key are included
  • the system sounds permanently stress-free
  • integrated neodymium magnetic cup*
  • straight needle exit, needle tube not bent, but drilled at an angle with inserted diamond

* Neodymium magnetic cups: as with high-quality MC systems and guitar pickups, the GOA pickup uses a neodymium magnet. The typical magnetic energy density of neodymium is 500 kJ/m3 (compared to ferrite magnets: 30 kJ/m3). This allows the moving mass to be significantly reduced.

Electrical connection:

½” MM | analogis GOA – TS

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