analogis cartridge

analogis cartridge

The brand name analogis is likely to be known to one or other of them as a supplier of high-quality stylis for record players. Up to now analogis has not yet a pickup in its program and this is about to change. MrStylus would like to help with the implementation and create a cartridge in cooperation with independent designers and idea contributors from different fields of expertise, which is as close to the demand market as rarely before. Customer wishes are to be taken into account – in terms of use, design and naming. The basis will be an audio-technica pickup with VM Dual Magnet Body.

Inspired by forums, boards and social networks, ideas and wishes may now be brought in to create a “community-created” hi-fi cartridge that will make people happy in terms of sound, price and appearance and possibly even extend beyond areas that have not been covered so far.

For this purpose we are looking for 3-D constructors, graphic designers and creative minds. If you also feel called to contribute to the development of “YOUR” pickup cartridge, please send an e-mail to

Besides it should be mentioned that MrStylus does not earn anything from the development work. We reap laurels and gratitude – just like yourself. But we have the unique opportunity to help shape something that will give pleasure to many people for decades.


The pickup body with 1/2 inch mounting bracket is given, an Audio-Technica AT 91. because it has proven to be a good allround system in the past and is inexpensive. It should be a low-cost universal pickup that is interesting both technically and sonically (naked diamond, elliptical cut) and yet affordable.

The creative part here is the needle holder (previously: yellow plastic). Here we can “let off steam” visually in form and colour. It can be black, turquoise transparent, blue – whatever your heart desires, but please no skull
Also important to know: the needle carrier is inserted at an angle of 45 degrees from below with a nose and then “clicked in” upwards. On picture A1 “end” is the end of the lower plastic, this must not get longer or you won’t be able to adjust the angle for insertion. The side parts, however, can protrude completely over the silver surface.


Template for 3-D designer:
Tonabnehmer.FCStd | Tonabnehmer-rund.FCStd

Template for Photoshop Designer:

Photoshop file for working with: TA-a-PL-o-4-Farben.psd

Have fun and thanks for your help!

Update 2.2.2020

First pictures:

Photoshop file to edit: TA-a-PL-o-4-Farben.psd


Update 12.2.2020:

Update 21.2.2020

The action is finished. Many thanks to everyone who took part, contributed ideas and delivered drafts.

All suggestions and production files were handed over to analogis and the system is now in the manufacturing process. What is a small positive side effect: by using the system an audio-technica body as a basis, it will be used by a very large number of record players in the future. e.g. equipped with an AT-91, a “neat nude elliptical needle” could be bought – individually without a system.

Just great!